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Thread: Stink bugs.....

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    Stink bugs.....

    It is getting closer to summer time, and we are getting stink bugs once again. It seems in the last 3 years it has been getting worst each year.

    Now it seems where I live the city has been infected by them. About 4 years ago you might see one or two a day if that. Though now you will see around a hundred a day. Every where you look they are crawling or flying. You go to a restaurant and you see them crawling on the outside of the window. You see them splat against the window while driving.

    They are under the fire wood or outside your window trying to get in. They are in your lawn crawling around. They are under rocks and anything it seems. They can survive winter (nothing seems to kill them off). I am getting sick and tired of seeing all these bugs every where!

    Anyone else have this horrible problem?

    If you like I can take some pictures of these freaky looking bugs.

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    We had army worm problems 2 years ago here... they are a 7 year pest that comes around every 7 years.

    Perhaps the stinkbugs are a cyclical pest that comes around every so often.

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