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    How long for sales dept to respond?

    Just curious on everyones opinion.

    Here I am, READY TO MOVE and I've emailed "one of the big boys" that seems to be really respected on these forums (reason I chose em), and I emailed their sales department this morning at 10:40am EST and it's 2:40pm EST and no response, other then the automated email saying it went through.

    So how long should a sales department get? This hosts tech dept is said to respond in minutes, but what about sales?

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    Try resubmitting the ticket!
    That said I would generally expect a sales department to respond within 24 hours at the latest so give it a bit longer?

    Sales isn't exactly "urgent" - but in your case it may be if your old provider is cutting you off, try giving the VPS provider a phone call!
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    i just submitted a sales email to servint and they replied in under 3 minutes to say theyd sent the request to billing and the noc, pretty much what id expect from them during office hours.
    Im normally pretty lax because Im used to different time zones, but if theyre a big company and its office hours, basically Ill give them 90 minutes to reply. Out of hours \ weekend, 2-3 business hours when they kick in again. If a company can't employ enough sales agents then its either really good or really bad lol.

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    Got a response - just call me impatient!

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