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    Father of Idaho Kids Fails Lie Detector

    I hope they find the person who did this, and he/she suffers a horrible life for what that person has done. I know a person who knew the mother who was killed. She has been emotional reck since it has happen. As well she left Monday to go to here funeral on Tuesday (today). I believe she said it was today..

    How can someone be so sick and twisted to do this? This person is a monster.

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    I really dont know...

    But these threads are increasing drastically, which makes it a part of life....

    just sad whats comming to humanity..

    Testing 1.. Testing 1..2.. Testing 1..2..3...

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    Happens all too often
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    Just sad where humanity's always been. There are still plenty of heroic things happening in humanity still, did you hear about the guy who jumped out of a car going 55-60 mph to save his beloved (cigarette)?

    Seriously, the human race is only slightly degraded if any from what it used to be. Heroes are still around, we just don't hear about them until they're dead and get a movie made about them.
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    This is very sad.........

    All this war and hatred is getting to everyone!!!! People are doing things they wouldnt normally do

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    I know if my wife and kids were just killed I'd probably fail a lie detector test too, heck I'd probably be so strung out and emotionally turbulent it'd just start smoking when they hooked me up to it.

    As for "no alibi" that's not exactly a big deal, all that means is no one can vouch for where he was when it happened, he mighta been out hunting or maybe at the river fishing and no one saw him or remembers seeing him who can say "yes he really was at the river fishing". Lack of an alibi is hardly "evidence" he did anything.

    Reading this article though, wow. A few choice quotes:

    Initial toxicology reports showed the two adults had used illicit drugs.
    The mom and boyfriend had used illicit drugs, what drugs I wonder? Something sorta harmless like pot, or something big like crack or heroin?

    The woman he lives with, his former mother-in-law
    He now lives with his former mother in law? Hello Jerry Springer?
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    Is lie detector strong enough to convict a person? ___Interactive Design
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    Originally posted by 7thsign
    Is lie detector strong enough to convict a person?

    No. Lie detector tests are not even admissible in court as evidence.

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    Originally posted by Dixiesys
    He now lives with his former mother in law? Hello Jerry Springer?
    This is Idaho you know - Washington's backward neighbor.
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