::whew:: After working on this site heavily the last three and a half weeks, I am finally ready to launch it.

Welcome to IPandCIDR.com, where you can add some spice to your firewall! IPandCIDR.com works on the same basic premise as www.ip2country.com and www.ip2location.com , with the exception that IPandCIDR.com takes it to the next level.

Almost every IP to location/country site gives you the starting IPs and ending IP's, as well as country codes and countries. We take it a step further and give you the netblocks as well.

This is particularly useful if you're trying to block countries that are known for scamming eCommerce sites. I know that if I had this site available two months ago, a 9 hour job of blocking 5 countries could have been completed in as little as 10 minutes. You can bet I'm going to be using this more often!

Membership is $25.00 initially and then $15.00 a month after that. Through THIS offer, I'm giving WHT members a $5.00 discount for as long as your account remains active. Use the coupon code of WHT and you'll save money and time almost immediately!

This site is also useful for helping direct targetted traffic to specific pages (such as pages that display different languages). With this information, there really is no limit as to what you can do.

I'm looking for people that are interested in advertising on IPandCIDR.com.

Rotating 468x60 banner (at the top, four slots): $5.00 a month.
Static 88x31 buttons (at the left, four slots): $3.00 a month.
Text links (at the left, five slots): $2.00 a month.

I will consider deals on the various advertising positions, contact me for more information.

I'm also looking to get IPandCIDR.com advertised on a few sites, particularly those that offer server management services or for those that have DC's/Multiple servers. I have a budget of $40.00 for all advertising and can advertise with 468x60, 125x125, 88x31 and text links. I want to maximise my exposure as much as possible, so I'll be looking for as many deals as possible.

I will consider button and text link exchanges (up to two each), but you must have a site that will compliment mine, and likewise my site must compliment your's.

If you've got a business that can drive people to my site (and sign up), I want to possibly talk about a partnership and maybe give your members a coupon code so they can sign up at discounted rates, as well.

If you're a WHT Leader, Liaison or Guide, PM me here and I'll give you an even better deal on your membership at IPandCIDR.com.

I'm hoping that this site will provide a great service to the internet/hosting industry and save you some time, frustration and money in the long run.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to seeing you on IPandCIDR.com, where we'll help you spice up your firewall!