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    Cool 100 Mbps on 7 P4s for only $2,695 per month

    All servers are located in the Equinix Ashburn facility using quality bandwidth.
    The current special is perfect for anyone that is starting a colo business of their own.
    Get 100 Mbps of unmetered bandwidth all to yourself and share it among 7 powerful P4 servers!

    7 Server Special with 100 Mbps of unlimited bandwidth
    100 Mbps of unmetered bandwidth!
    7 Pentium 4 3.0Ghz - 800Mhz FSB (in each server) - unmanaged
    1GB ECC RAM ( 2 x 512 MB) (in each server)
    Gig NICs (in each server)
    80GB 7200 RPM (in each server)
    100Mbps Unmetered Connectivity
    MRTG graphs for all servers and your 100 Mbps uplink!
    Remote Reboot for all servers (KVM over IP optional)
    Gentoo or Fedora
    $2,895 per month with ($900 setup)
    $2,795 per month with ($1500 setup)
    $2,695 per month with ($2100 setup)

    All of these deals start on the first of every month.
    So visit and ask for a custom quote / invoice today!
    The above pricing is based on check / wire tranfer payment.

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    We have many services with dnsmadeeasy and I would recommend them to everyone. Their network is fast, stable and reliable. More than 500 of our customers rely on dnsmadeeasy system and I we are happy about.
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    We are getting a few questions regarding this offer.

    Just to clarify:
    You get 7 servers of your own.
    And they all share a 100 Mbps of your own.
    So you get a dedicated 100 Mbps connection which you can share among 7 servers.

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