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    * Do I need a Gateway?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. First Timer.

    I work for a web service provide and we have a client that has teams that sell tickets. Each team has their own merchant account. We want to provide them the ability to accept credit cards instead of the current paypal method.

    So my question is ... Do I need to find a Gateway?

    Can we provide the service for the seperate teams? Basically they would be like seperate clients.

    Is Authorize . net the way to go, or Virtual Terminal or
    link point com? Or something else?

    Thank you all very much.


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    Welcome to the forums redwebgeek!

    If each team already has a merchant account, they should have an electronic payment gateway actually. Each gateway (Verisgn's PayFlow, LinkPoint, and provide a virtual terminal as well.

    You might check with the teams to see what they are doing now. If each team has their own merchant account - they will be separate clients. Otherwise, all the money would be going into one pot.

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