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    32bit or 64bit linux install for Dual Xeon?

    I just recently got a Dual Xeon 2.8 that I intend to use for my gaming servers... (renting servers gets too expensive in the long run) but the question is what kind of install should I go with, 32 or 64 bit?

    The reason for this questions is because I don't want any problems running some of the 32bit game server binaries on a 64bit Linux install (fedora 3 btw) ...but if I go with a 32bit install I won't get the extra juice for servers that do take advantage the 64bit architecture. So how much of a difference would I see between those two... any recommendations or suggestions?

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    Assuming these are 64-bit xeon chips (i assume it is or you wouldn't be asking the question...) - i would suggest putting 64-bit linux on, and making sure you compile in 32-bit compatibility in the kernel and get the right libraries on there.

    I do this on Athlon 64 boxes, and they run 32-bit gameservers just fine, although if the process has a 64-bit port i will obviously use it....

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