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    Include in IPB Forum


    I have been trying to get this to work for ages, but having no luck, Hopefully someone could help me.

    I have a IPB forum installed on my server using the domain

    How ever i have a chat room installed

    But i have a script written in php which shows me how many users are in the chat room

    How ever i need to get the data in the onlinechat.php file to show below the forum stats on the forum home page.

    I have used php include but will not show up.

    I have tried using

    <?php include(""); ?>

    But still not working

    Has anyone get any advise for me please.

    Thank You

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    If all else fails, use IFRAMES! heheh

    <iframe src=""></iframe>

    but if you're trying to get vars from the onlinechat.php file, that wouldn't work.

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