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    Directi - Indirectly need to Buy Managed DNS Service if want to host domain?


    Regarding Directi Domain Name services, does it mean that if one need to host a domain name, he/she will have to Buy managed DNS services (so that he/she can input the Nameservers of the hosting providers)? Meaning Domain Registration Fee + Managed DNS Fee?


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    No, you register a domain there, click on it (once it is listed in your account), then choose "Domain Name - Click To Manage >>" and on the next screen you choose "modify Name Servers", and there you type in the name servers. That's all there's to it.

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    Managed DNS service mean using THEIR dns services to point the domain to other IPs or have URL redirections/forwarding...
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    They are pretty pricey last time I looked for DNS services
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    Managed DNS

    I am a Directi Reseller and I can tell you Any Directi Reseller or Directi Themselves should Give/Sell the Managed DNS for $1.00 USD Max per Year our Buy Price Is only 49Cents

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