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    ーAbout English―What do you think ...

    If you see this caption of an article, what's the meaning do you think ?

    caption: Didn't Learn Anything.

    the meaning you think is:
    A. Somebody asked you not to learn anything.
    B.The writer didn't learn anything during sometime.
    C.Other meanings.

    I'm the writer.What i want to say is B, could you give me a good caption of this meaning please?

    Any reply would be appreciate.

    Plus: When you see "Didn't learn anything",what's your feeling?People whose native language is English/American could speak such a phase anytime?

    Thank you again.
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    Doesn't seem like 'correct' english to me.

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    Didn't learn anything could be used in many contexts.
    Not least so in the context of you not learning anything during a certain time.
    You could also say -
    "I didn't learn anything"
    "Nothing was learnt by me"
    "I learnt very little throughout"

    (Just a few examples)

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    Thank you, Friends above. Your replies help.
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    I need your help on my English.

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    If it's about yourself, you could also say "I didn't learn a thing". If it's about someone else, you could say "He didn't learn a thing" or "She didn't learn a thing".

    Using the word "anything" instead of "a thing" is fine too, but you will see "didn't learn a thing" used quite often as a figure of speech in English as well.

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