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Thread: DNS problems?

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    DNS problems?

    I am having major problems with my reseller hosting account that I have with, their service has been good so far but they canít resolve this one major problem

    (my main reseller domain is and I am based in the uk)

    Half the time when I (& my customers) use the domain names to access the sites - we canít view them at all. Whereas when I access them using the IP address they always work fine. So itís seems the webserver is working fine and is most likely a DNS problem.

    When the problem occurs, Iíve tried viewing the websites using other ISPs (including all of the largest ones in the UK) on several different PCs, all other websites can be viewed fine, including but the sites hosted on my reseller account canít be viewed. Why is this happening? Iíve tried tracert and pinging the domains but they donít respond

    I desperately need to resolve this issue as some of my customers have threatened to cancel their accounts.

    I have asked varhosting to look into this but they say they can find no problem at their end, is there anything anyone can suggest?

    If I moved to another host would this solve the problem? If so I am more than prepared to move, are there any good reliable hosts with similar pricing to varhosting?

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    Have you asked your host to resolve the issue?
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    If you have tried to access yours and your clients pages from different ISP's and are having dns issues then this is most likely a problem with the server.

    One the other hand, we have seen instances where the same problem you mention has occured but we were easily able to find the issue and point the DC in the right direction to solve the problem.

    I would ask Var to do a bit more troubleshooting as it would be easy to show via your traces if there is an issue in the pipe somewhere!


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    Originally posted by coight
    Have you asked your host to resolve the issue?
    Yep -
    Originally posted by web2
    I am having major problems with my reseller hosting account that I have with, their service has been good so far but they canít resolve this one major problem
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    Hmm must of missed that? Nevermind, have you tried an spotcheck when you can't reach the sites? Do you have a records for your nameservers?
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    a free account at might help narrow the problem down.

    set up a spare domain at zoneedit, see if it works fine.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I've setup a trial account with alertra.

    When I did a spotcheck with my main domain, there were no problems.

    But when I used some of my clients .com domains on the spotchecks I get the following errors. ( domain used for example below)

    05/24/2005 07:59:04 Orlando USA OK 3.6 0.27 108.94
    05/24/2005 07:59:03 Frankfurt GERMANY Error N/A 0.12 N/A
    05/24/2005 07:59:04 Las Vegas USA OK 3.6 0.35 84.52
    05/24/2005 07:59:03 Oklahoma City USA OK 3.6 0.19 155.55
    05/24/2005 07:59:03 Chicago USA Error N/A 0.02 N/A
    05/24/2005 07:59:03 Atlanta USA OK 3.6 0.22 131.44
    05/24/2005 07:59:04 London UK Error N/A 0.03 N/A
    05/24/2005 07:59:03 Hong Kong CHINA Error N/A 0.10 N/A

    TIMEOUT 30
    ERR Unable to resolve name

    LAST_EXEC_TIME = 0.0261409282684
    LAST_MSG = Unable to resolve name
    LAST_TIMESTAMP = 1116935943.86
    LAST_PROTO_MSG = Name or service not known
    TOTAL_RUNTIME = 0.0264630317688
    LAST_CODE = 3

    The .com domains have been the ones that are unreachable the most in past.

    What is causing the domains to be unresolvable from certain locations, this tallies with what has been happening in the past - I can't see the site from the UK but varhosting based in the US can see the site fine.

    Any ideas?

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    You are using the
    as the name servers for the account and I thionk the host have forgot to add a A record to your custom name server.

    Ask them to do that for you.

    See this one:
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    I had same problems with the .ro nameservers.
    Im with var too. I believe its not from them. I registered domain .com and registered ns1 and ns2 of the com domain as nameservers and all its ok.

    So what im suggesting you do to, and i assure you it will work 100% is to register yourself a .com domain. Then define and as nameservers pointing to IPS that varhosting provided to you (the 2 ips). Then all your .com/.net clients will work properly. Trust me I've done that and all its OK. If you need assistance on that contact me on yahoo messenger. My nick is aaurel1an.


    I believe its an international problem that these .com/.net/.org domains do not recognize other nameservers then ones with international extension such as com.

    .ro doesnt work for sure. and i see that doesnt work either.

    Have a nice day.

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    Many thanks for your replies guys.

    Aurelian, so from what I understand

    If I ask varhosting to change my nameservers from to (can I use this, its one of the domains I already host a site for?)

    I then point all the domains of the sites that point to to the new nameserver, this should solve the problem?

    Thanks again for your help

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    yes, thsi should solve it. Or you could just buy which i just noticed that is free. Its only 10/year.

    Have phun pal.
    Oh... btw

    you should ask your registrar the one you registered the to define ns1 and ns2 for those nameservs, then ask varhosting to fix that for you too.

    Also all your clients's sites will need Nameservers changed. On the new nameservers you should keep same ips though.
    Have a ncie day.

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