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    KVM/IP for reboots?

    KVM/IP is great to managing your servers remotely but what if the server crashes and is unresponsive to key presses, how do you reboot the server? Is it possible with a KVM/IP? Or will you need either a PDU to cut power to the server or a management card that can reset it?

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    Google APC

    The APC switch provides remote control of the power to your Dedicated or Colocated server via any web browser.The power can be cycled instantly without the need to contact the datacentre support staff.
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    You still need a remote reboot switch in order to fully be able to reboot a down machine. Reason being, if the keyboard/mouse is locked when the machine is crashed you have no way of power cycling the box, thus ending up with a dead machine untill datacenter techs can correct the issue.
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