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    newbie question about colocation


    We plan to go colo in a few months and I, as the complete newbie I am, have one quite stupid question.

    What is the industry practice for failed hardware in colocated server? Will I need to drive to the DC myself to replace failed HDD? Or is this DC job to replace and then invoice me? Will they replace from their supplies or will I need to take care about this in advance and give them my own hardware? These questions bother me alot lately...

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    well it can either way, depending on the prior arrangements you make with the DC.

    DCs charge big $$$ for hardware replacement. (Read $75-$250/hour + hardware cost)

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    If you're local, and you should be for most colo unless you have special requirements, you're best off to handle hardware replacement yourself.

    If you're remote your colo can/should provide hardware replacement as a service for a hourly fee, and you or your hardware vendor provide the hardware to replace.

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    I would put into your colo contract a set hourally rate for "emergency" repair. Some colo's do and some dont. The ones that dont can and will charge you +$200/hr. I would also build into any large colo contract a set amount of time over the year that they will spend on restarts, HW replacement or any local general maintence. Makes things easy when a chrisis occurs.

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