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    Question Nic Names

    Hello; I used to use bravenet to host my website but after looking around have decided to use nic names as I got sick of the ads. So what do you guys know about them?

    I have had a few problems with them here is the report I sent them:

    The first time I tried to buy with the gold hosting package online it was accpeted (I think) but I received no confirmation e-mail and it doesn't show up within the control panel.So, I ran it through another time to check and got this message:

    "There has been a problem with the processing of the payment for your order:

    We are sorry, we are experiencing difficulties in processing payment for your order. Please check that the payment details are correct.

    Click here to return to the payment page and check your details."

    So, I tried again, after trying about 10 times each time the information was correct! Please could you tell me if I have registred for the package and domain. If not why its not working!
    So, what to you know about them ?

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    It's hard, for anyone other than nic names, to know if your order has gone through.
    Why don't you ask nic names?

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    To be honest, I have never heard of them myself. Have you tried doing a search on them here?

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    yes; I've searched them; but nothing about them here.

    (no the report order didn't go through)

    BUT does anyone know if they are good/bad hosters ?

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