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    RocketHosts, 12-month review...sort of

    I've been asked by RandyJH to continue his/our experiences with I'll be handling a lot of the updates for the club's site and will hopefully have the time to give the site a MaryKay Makeover later this summer.

    I haven't had much direct experience with RocketHosts yet, but with what little interaction I've had, all has been positive, and more important, extremely prompt. As I get more into the site redesign process and adding some features that RandyJH has requested, I'm sure I'll have more valuable feedback to offer on RocketHosts.

    But, to date, I'm impressed.

    As far as my background goes so you can put this in context, I've been a professional Web designer for the past five years and have worked with a variety of university web servers as well as a couple reseller programs like Apollo. I was pleased with Apollo until a few months ago when I was switched over to a new reseller plan that was nothing but a series of headaches. E-mail down for my clients (I've seen that mentioned here quite a bit already tonight ) and a billing error where I asked for one resold account to be removed and they nuked everyone including me!

    I will keep up the reviews as I get more experience with RocketHosts.


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    Nice review, thanks!

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    Thank's a lot.

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    15 month update

    Just reporting in for another update. All has been well with no hiccups over the past three months. So good, in fact, that I was tempted to move some of my non e-commerce clients over to RocketHosts due to some of the issues I've been experiencing with another hosting firm I've been using.

    Unfortunately, my initial query to RocketHosts was never returned so the business went elsewhere.

    Aside from that, their reliability has been outstanding for the club's site.

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    thanks for the review

    its good to hear back from you. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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