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    Buy links - PR6+

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for quality sites to place my link (sitewide). Sites have to meet following criteria:

    1) PR6 or PR7 (or if your site is PR5, but with 5,000+ backlinks on Google - this will be acceptable too).

    2) Listed in DMOZ

    3) 1,500+ backlinks on Google

    If your site is 2+ years old and has less then 10 outbound links - this is big PLUS.

    PM me - site owners only with your URL/Price (no brokers or resellers). Looking for long term commitment and able to pay by PayPal or 2CO (or any third-party processors which accept credit cards).
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    I have a new dating website.
    Its growing very fast , dont have PR which you are seeking.
    But just wanted to know if you are still interested.

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