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    Managed vs unmanaged


    When choosing a dedicated server, can someone tell me what is generaly included with a managed server service and what is included with a unmanaged server service.

    All info is greately appriciated...

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    Unmanaged server = Hardware + Network and nothing else. Basically the datacenter will set up the hardware and install the Operating System and hook it up to the network and the rest is yours to handle. All software configuration and installation and other administration would be your responsibility. An unmanaged server would be apt for people who are experienced server administrator or have hired their own administrator to handle the machine.

    The datacenter would be responsible for hardware replacement and general network. They could reboot your server for you.

    Managed Server includes everything that the unmanaged server have. As to how much more, depends on each datacenter itself. Some will just include monitoring your server and services uptime, installation of firewall, troubleshoot OS issues and so on. Generally, a managed server typically means that the server would be managed and maintain to the level that was first delivered to you. Some goes further than that but it is not something which is crave in stone. There are different levels of managed service but most require you to still set up sites and so on through a control panel.

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    Thanks, that was just the info i was looking for....

    It seems that managed is the one we would want from those descriptions....

    We would like to have monitoring and service for, Hardware, Network, OS and Firewall.

    We can ofcourse manage the os and firewall remotely, but it seems more practical to let the supplier do it onsite 24/7.

    All other aspects we would want to do ourselves anyway...
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    Most managed providers should do that but its always work asking as some providers have differnet interprisations of what managed means esp on 3rd party software support

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