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    Does cPanel really have a lot of bugs?


    I just moved some of my domains to a new host that uses cPanel. I've never used cPanel before. There were a lot of problems with getting email forwarding and the addon domains to work.

    The addon domains ended up with the wrong DNS address in the cPanel, even though the Name Servers at the domain registrar were correct, the addon domains were added manually, not transferred, etc.

    The explanation I got was that the problem was cPanel bugs.

    Does cPanel really have that many bugs??

    Also, this host advertises 3 domains being hosted in one account, but two of the domains are "addon", and end up somehow in a subdomain of the main domain name. But, you can get to them with just

    Could that have something to do with the "cPanel bugs"?

    The problems are fixed. For now.

    But, any insight to help me evaluate what the host support staff is telling me would be appreciated.


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    cPanel does have its bugs. But in my opinion so do other control panels.

    As for add-on domains, cPanel uses the subdomain system for making addon domains available on accounts, so this is not due to bugs.

    You can have something like this in the end. -- Main account. -- which shows the same thing as

    BTW if you dont want the addon domain to be accessible via the subdomain, you can create an .htaccess file that can redirect traffic to the intended addon domain name as the URL as opposed to letting the pages be viewed by the subdomain.

    Hope That Helps.

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    No that is not the issue. We have previously encountered same problem when we have ip migration. Which caused some of the nameservers to show current ip addresses even while it is still pointing to old ip addresses.
    Login to your Domain control panel and change your nameservers for theaddon domain to a dummy one for a few hours. Later login back and change he nameservers to correct one. Hopefully everythin will start to work in 48 hours.
    Even if it was an issue with CPANEL (which it is not) Your host should be able to login to t the server with SSH and manuallycorrect the problems. If they can't they shouldn't be in hosting business anyway. I am sory but this is the reality

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    Thanks to both of you for your posts. So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying:

    • cPanel requires the use of subdomains for multiple domains in one account. I'm assuming, then, that this approach is used by a number of hosts, and should not cause any long-term problems.
    • It is not uncommon for the various addresses to get messed up during creation and transfer. So, since my host was able to get the whole thing straightened out, that should not cause any long-term problems.

    Did I get it right?

    RAIS, thanks for the idea of using an .htaccess file to make sure no one starts wandering around the site using the subdomain address.

    If anyone has any more advice, or I misunderstood the existing posts, please feel free.

    Thanks again.

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    All software has bugs, I'd say CPanel has 100s, as would Plesk, Ensim and HSphere, it's an inevitable fact of life think the accepted ratio is something like 0.1 bugs per 1000 lines of code, can't remember it exactly off the top of my head.

    CPanel certainly isn't as problematic as it was 2 years ago, back then we nearly stopped offering it completely, but these days it is much more stable and rarely causes us any major headaches.
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