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    Bouncing Google Page Rank

    I noticed on Friday that my sites that previously had a PR 4 had dropped to PR 0. Later that night most were back to a PR 2, except for two of my sites.

    Now, I have PR 3 on one site, PR 2 on another and PR 0 on my other two.

    Anyone else noticing this bounching page ranking over the weekend?

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    Not all pages of your site (may not) have the same page rank. a "" and "" will have different page rank also - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    It could also be that Google was having problems with its server this weekend. I didn't see anything. I did see some reports from some folks in another forum that complained about traffic dropping in half this weekend and wondering if there was a Google Dance going on.

    I'd be surprised if Google was updating PR so soon after the last update.
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