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    * The Easiest Cart to modify?

    Whats up everyone,

    Its been a long time since i have been on this board, and i am pleased to be back!

    I was wondering which shopping cart was the easiest to integrate with a webdesign ive already created, from a beginners point of view. Oscommerce doesnt seem as easy as i thought it would be.
    or if there arent any easy solutions how much do you think it would run me to have someone intergrate a design with os commerce

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    Better with Oscommerce or BugMall,
    the others carts are not easy too and of course that exist the easiest or simplest one but it's too simple.

    I think, it's like around $60 for integrating design to.

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    easy cart

    You could always try zen-cart , its based on oscommerce and has an easy to use template system

    Othervise a design customization of oscommerce should run you about 50US

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