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Thread: VPS migration?

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    VPS migration?

    Hi all,

    Newbie question. My company has a Verio VPS v2 account that cost us $150/month (seems high to me but we've had no problems in the 8 months I've been working with them). Verio recently announced the same account with name change -- VPS v2 1000 -- for $109/month. According to the sales rep I talked to, I have to open a new account/server and transfer the old account/server to the new one to get the reduced price.

    What's the most seemless/easist way to transfer the data from the old account to the new? I'm running three websites and 4 mailing lists. I've never setup a VPS from scratch, this setup was already done when I started the job.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are several things to consider here - are you running a control panel?

    If you are - look at the detals of how you do this. If you are not, then it should be simply a matter of making sure the NEW VPS has all the necessary software installed, then grab your backup from your current VPS and restore it to the new one - you do have a backup don't you ?

    In order to make sure, you will probably need to run both servers concurrently for a few days (well, up to a month).

    Of course, if you don't know what/how to do this work, take a look in the advertising forums and find a sysadmin to assist you do the task.
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    If cPanel/WHM and you have root access on both, then its a really simple task of just entering in your details on the new server in WHM and it automatically migrates all your clients
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    Thanks for the advice. I think one of the Verio system admin will be able to assist.

    The control panel is called iManager -- I'm guesing it's Verio's own software. I do know that I only have admin access with the WHM so that's not an option.

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