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    [WANTED] vBulletin owned license


    i'm looking to buy a vbulletin full owned license.
    i don't care whether the member area access has expired or not.

    the license needs to be verified first (whether it is valid,
    active, and eligible for transfer).

    feel free to PM your offer.
    i'll pay via verified paypal.

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    I've got a Owned license, expires Dec 22 '05. Baught it in 2001. Pricetag $100. Mail me at: allenheim at if you're interested.


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    Jun 2002
    Just a reminder to our members to get vB licenses verified before transfer.

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    Yes that's a good idea. My license is verified, and for those who wants it verified, please contact me, I will contact vBulletin for further verification.


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    The license is sold.


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