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    WirelessHaven Staff Openings

    After much negotiation with partners and the development of a new site and new domain, wirelesshaven is back open for buisness.

    WirelessHaven is a company that will focus on wireless products ranging from cellphone to wi-fi to routers, if it is wireless we will be covering it.

    I have ran many websites and know what works and what doesn't but I need help in the moderating of the website, reviews for products, addition of downloads in the download section, daily news, bringing in new members, and just keeping the community growing.

    With one of the employees being an SEO expert with a major in executive buisness operations and buisness management, the site should grow rather quickly. He has began the Search Engine Optimization last weekend and will be working throughout the week to get the website to the top search engine standards. This site will become big fast, so we need help.

    A hack that is installed is an adsense revenue share hack, how this will work is I can assign members of the community a percentage share of the advertisement money that comes in. So if you are a staff member of WirelessHaven you will have a share in the amount of revenue that comes in. The more you do for the site, the higher your percentage share goes.

    Along with the requirements that I ask that staff members to do (as stated above), some extra abilities such as coding, web design, hack installation, and anything else that you believe is sufficient in helping wirelesshaven is a plus and will be noted.

    If you are interested in joining the wirelesshaven staff please msg me on aim: MatthewRGunnin, Msn: [email protected], Yahoo: Matthewrgunnin or you can contact me through email at [email protected] or pm me.

    Thank You,
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.

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    I have sent you a PM

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