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    [SALE!] Domains, Templates Oh My!

    Right not, I have some templates, domain names, and a website up for sale!

    These are some real good deals!

    Templates are here..

    Gaming Template: $20

    Business Template: $15

    Domains are here..

    And heres info on the website:

    Looking to build a PSP Gaming site?? Look no further!

    Due to the fact that I have no time to work on it anymore, Im selling

    You get:
    The design thats on the site, it is unique. It was made for this site.
    The CMS that I was working on for it. (It is functional, but no where near completion.)
    Free hosting for 3 months. This will allow you to develop it and get it working, then if need more space, we can work a deal.

    (Hosting comes with everything, 100mb space, 5gb band, and everything else a host offers)

    With the PSP being new still, theirs a great chance to get the site successfull.

    This will be in a format of an auction, you can PM me your bids, or post them here. I will post this at other forums, so I'll keep you updated with the bids.

    If you have any questions, heres my info:
    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: Same as email
    AIM: ReFuZed MiZeRy

    Bidding starts at $30

    It ends untill Im satisfied with the price.

    If it doesnt get to what I want, then I have the right to not sell.
    Domains are bought through go-daddy
    I accept paypal only.
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    Is anyone else interested?

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