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    feelings on

    I was hoping to get everyones feelings and experiences with I am particularly interested in their reliability and tech suport.

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    I believe they were actually in debt last year

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    Pretty stable, some more advanced people dislike it because what you can do with it is very very limited.
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    Slightly different but i bought my last two domains with
    and although it wasnt hosting they appear to be pretty reliable!

    I've not had a real cause for contacting them for support but the
    only two times that i have contacted their support i was contacted
    within a couple of hours and my problem resolved easily enough
    if that helps at all?

    On another note i mostly used them for email and i never had a problem.

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    I had an account with them and found their limits to be quite struggling for my needs so moved out. Despite that I found their customer care representatives to be quite standard repliers other than the mid size host where you actualy speak with someone that goes str8 to the issue in order to fix it.

    About stability, etc they're indeed very good... Can't say anything about that

    Best regards.
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    Search the boards. There is alot of information on 1and1, along with my 1 year review.

    Good luck in your search

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    Re: feelings on

    Originally posted by clmckinley
    I was hoping to get everyones feelings and experiences with I am particularly interested in their reliability and tech suport.
    On these forums, they have a very bad name, but if you don't need much support or flexibility, they might work out for you.

    Originally posted by Minimalistix
    I believe they were actually in debt last year
    That's no surprise, they always have 16 color page ads in every single computer magazine. But in the current edition of Maximum PC there were only 4, so maybe they're cutting back all of their excessive advertising.
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    Their excessive advertising, in my opinion doesn't actually pay off, you see their ad once then every other time you just ignore it, we all know what they have, haven't they got the point that we want more access and control!?

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    My feelings are based on the user reviews I've uncovered during my hosting research = rather lukewarm, to put it mildly. But that's just me.
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    They are (were) very reliable.

    On their support I do not have a comment because of my worst experience in connection with domain transfer to another registrar... If you use you will find some similar bad experiences about the cancelling acount with 1&1.

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