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    Nameserver Question

    I am currently in the process of moving all accounts from one server to another (located at a seperate datacenter and different company). One problem I'm going to run into is the nameservers.

    I currently use and

    Now, since these are already registered nameservers, I wasn't able to add them into WHM. All of my users accounts have these nameservers associated with their domain names.

    Would it be easier to:

    A) Re-register the nameservers with the new IP addresses, wait for the change to the regisry, and then attempt to add the Nameservers to the new server


    B) Create and on WHM and register those nameservers and have all of my users change this information with whoever they registered their domain with.

    Keep in mind that with Option B, I host a lot of people who aren't the most technical savvy and may run into trouble. I'm just not sure if I can do Option A, if it's going to cause a problem after updating the old nameservers, if the server will recoginize the nameserver has an IP associate with the server.

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    this link might be useful

    read the whole post though ... because i think there might be a correction somewhere

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