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    90 day warning dialog box on ssl cert

    About five years ago I was working for a company that somehow screwed up their ssl cert in such a way that, for 90 days, users' browsers would throw up a dialog window warning, saying that something or other was out of whack. Does anyone know what causes that?

    I'm about to get a new cert for my site rather than upgrade my existing one, and I just don't want to screw something up that would cause that. thanks

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    The only thing that would cause that is incorrect installation of the SSL cert. If you rewew it properly, it will replace the old info and there is no way that the dialog box could come up.
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    Most common problem when renewing is that when you generate the new CSR you also get a new key. When you install the NEW certificate, the server it will retrieve the old key and try to use that.

    You must make sure that you use the new key with the new certificate or you will get a mismatch and the popup error.
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