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    Question! [what's this riddle]

    There was a riddle posted here possibly before; but anyway It's pretty well known in math

    its like these 3 guys go to the hotel and they pay and tip the belltender than the manager tells them its cheaper and haves them go refund or something like that, and theres missimg money when you add everything up

    if anyone has a direct link to that riddle i'd be grateful

    and if anyone had an answer, i'd be grateful too
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    ah Easy.

    3 men go into a motel. The receptionist tells them the room will be $30. Each man pays $10 before going to the room. The clerk then realizes that they were given only a $25 room, and sends the bellhop to the room with $5. The bellhop keeps $2 [as a tip?] and each man gets $1 back, ending up paying only $9 for the room. Three times $9 is $27. With the $2 the bellhop kept, that's only $29. Where's the missing dollar?

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    Someone PM me the answer

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    Yeah - PM me too - I remember learning this one for my exams for some reason... but that was quite a while ago!

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    The missing dollar is under my sock.

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    Whoa. Someone please PM me the answer too!

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    Don't think too much, too narrow or too deep


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    I just spent a good 10 minutes trying to work that one out, but finally, I have it. If you want me to spill it I will, but for now I'll keep people guessing.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    Don't want to ruin it for anyone, but for a hint, the riddle is worded so that it seems there is no right answer.

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    The following night two friends check into the same motel. Once again the clerk charges them $30, or $15 per person. After the clerk remembers the total rate is only $25 he sends the bellhop upstairs with five $1 bills to pay the two friends back. The bellhop knows he got away with larceny once so he tries it again. But this time he pockets $3 and returns $2 to the hotel guests ($1 per guest). So each of the two guests got $1 back from their original $15. Therefore each paid $14 which is a total payment of $28 for the room. Now the bellhop has $3, the guests paid $28, for a total of $31....THERE'S THE MISSING DOLLAR!!!!

    The actual trick is you arent supposed to add them the way you think.
    Initial - Guys - $10 each payed [$0 in pocket]
    Hotel - $30
    Bell Boy $0
    total : $30

    After the bell boy holds money

    Three Guys:
    A - $1
    B - $1
    C - $1

    The Bell Boy:


    total = still $30
    it still adds up..
    you see?

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    o_O this proves that I cant do math anymore someone pm the answer - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    There is no missing dollar. In the end the three guests paid a net total of $27, of which the Bell Boy kept $2, and the hotel kept $25.

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