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    What Language do you prefer your software?

    I'm trying to make a decision on what billing/client management software to use. However one factor I havent really looked into is what language I want it in. PHP seems the obvious choice, but how well do people trust it? Also, what your experiences with control panels, and do you deploy them on shared server environment?

    Is there any Java based control panels out there, anyone use them? Perl? Python?

    Help appreciated .
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    I personally like PHP/mySQL but there are other languages that are as safe and secure as well as efficient.

    I don't think it really matters to your customers though, as long as it works for them - so chose whatever suits you and you feel more comfortable working with

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    php is certainly the most friendly to develop web based applications..

    Personally for a control panel, I would use a php frontend with perl doing the system tasks
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    Choosing the Scripting Language to code your application entirely depends on you, your man power and budget for the application. If the application is written in PHP/MySQL, it would work for both *nix and Windows.

    I love to code in ASP, because I've command over it and I have choice to use MS Access, MS SQL and MySQL databases and I can deploy my app. on a windows based shared hosting environment without any issue.

    I haven't seen any CP written in Java/Python technologies (but there could be), but there are many in PHP and ASP.
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