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    Apple finds uses for intel chips?

    I read in a newspaper this morning that apple is trying to make use of intel chips, and it said something like does intel really care about which os users use on it?

    I was thinking about this, but when intel makes chips do they target windows users? Linux users? Whats you're opinion on this...

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    I used to own an Apple PowerMacintosh 6100/66/DOS, it came stock with an Intel i486DX2/66 processor, as well as the IBM RISC PPC 601 @ 66 Mhz.

    You would use a key combination and switch from Mac to Windows, in a flash. It basically had a daughterboard on a Nubus/PDS card with a complete Intel PC on it, even a CL Video card

    So yes, Apple does use Intel chips sometimes
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    If Apple were to start using PC based chips. I'd prefer to see them use AMD. Why start using Intel when there architecture is ancient.
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    Some peripheral no doubt. They currently use AMD chips in their wifi stuff. Intel still make (or have license to make) the strongARM chips so could possibly be soemthing to go into a handheld device.

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    I'm not sure of the exact extent to which the chip is designed to the software vs the software designed to the chip. A few years ago there was a Mac compatible SuSE 7.3. I don't know whether the absence of other Mac-compatible linux distros was due to a technical incompatibility or just a shortage of interest in linux among Mac owners.

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