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    Question Please review my first site

    Hi, I started this website in December 2004 with no previous web building experience. I use frontpage and so cannot do anything fancy, but I am not really interested in that as I believe the content is more important!

    Hopefully this site will help people with their DIY and home improvement projects. I have tried to explain how to do most tasks in detail but having spoken to someone, they said that some pages could be hard to follow, especially for novice diy'ers.

    Any feedback would be gratefully received!



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    First try can not be better then this.

    there are few things you can keep in mind like
    color theory :

    typography :

    usability : you can find some tips in

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    Yes lots of content. The colors and text seem hard on the eyes. Good luck with it. I'm sure you've put alot of time and effort with the details and tutorials.

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