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    I was wondering what other people's experience with Hostingzoom is.

    I have a reseller account there, but I'm experiencing a lot of downtime lately.



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    I've heard that they are pretty reliable, and an overall good company.

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    I've heard that to, that's why I joined them. But until now they haven't been reliable at all.

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    Well my advice would be , contact their support and find out whats happeneing.. if they arent helping you - consider to look for a new host

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    I always contact them instantly when the server is down. They always reply very fast with a reason why the server is down and that they are busy fixing it, but that doesn't take away that the server's down frequently.

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    One server doesn't tell the whole story about a company as EVERY company will have issues with servers at one point or another. The servers uptime percentage isn't as great as we would like (so far 99.7% for May) compared to the others but we believe we have it figured out for about a week now and just monitoring it. The issue today was we had to fix the remote reboot on it. It was test rebooted and brought it down for about 1-2 minute.
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