The other day, I put in a bunch of stuff to block spam using antivirus.exim, it block it the first time through but when the queue refreshes it sends the email. I get this error the first time through:

2005-05-23 11:17:39 1DaHUh-0004YI-P7 <= [email protected] H=( [] P=esmtp S=1138 [email protected]
2005-05-23 11:17:42 1DaHUh-0004YI-P7 original recipients ignored (system filter)
2005-05-23 11:17:42 1DaHUh-0004YI-P7 == /dev/null <system-filter> routing defer (-1): system_filter_file_transport is unset

How do you "Set" system_filter_file_transport?

I have put this into exim.conf and its not helping.

#!!# message_filter renamed system_filter
system_filter = /etc/antivirus.exim
system_filter_user = root
system_filter_file_transport = /dev/null

Anyone have any suggestions?