Save on T1 & DS3 Services T1-399/mo DS3- 2500/mo
Savings on T1 and DS-3 costs!! is partnered with over 30 providers nationwide including: AT&T, MCI, Qwest, Verio. Sprint, Internap, Savvis, New Edge and Level 3. We have been very successful in assisting ISP's in finding cost effective backbone solutions from leading national providers.

We currently have some very aggressive promotions going on through the month of May:

Internet Promotions :

Full Internet T1 (1.544Mbps) - $399/month
Includes Local Loop
Optional Cisco Router Equipment
Free Installation
(Coverage has been expanded to include almost 100% of the US, including many rural areas)

NEW pricing available on Multi-Meg T1 & DS-3 !!

3.0 Mbps Multi Meg T1 - $899month (Includes Local Loops)
4.5 Mbps Multi Meg T1 - $1199/month (Includes Local Loops)
6.0 Mbps Multi Meg T1 - $1499/month (includes Local Loops)
Optional Managed Cisco Router

Full DS-3 (45 Mbps)- $2,500/month (More Cities Added)

Frame Relay, Private Line and IP-VPN Pricing up to 25% off standard rates

Please email me offlist with address and phone# of the location you need pricing for.

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