I'm in need of a good php coder.

I have a site that I'm working on in conjunction with the owner.  He's in need of a rewrite/addons of the site's script.

Its a barter auction site.

He bought the site from someone else, and would like key features (that are totally lacking from the script).  Unfortunately, the script was coded by a private coder (that the previous ower paid a couple thousand for).

The script doesn't email him when a new member registers, he would like to be able to edit the header/footer/agreement, etc files (they're in a directory as .html files -- he doesn't really know anything about ftp-ing, etc to get to the files).

There are a couple more rewrites that are needed - I'll have to ask him.

The website is:  http://www.familytrader.com

I'm looking for serious programmers only.  PM me a price (and a portfolio if you have one), and I'll discuss it with the owner (who's left everything to me for stuff like this), and we'll go from there.