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Thread: IPB (work)

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    IPB (work)

    Ok straight to the point, i have an IPB 1.3 & i have a ssi to show the 10 most recent posts from my news forum onto my website's main page...

    However i also need another 10 most recent posts showing but from another forum section onto a different site without affecting the first site because it is already doing what i want...

    I will pay $10 to the person who can do this or to the person who can just tell me how to do it provided it works...

    If IPB can't do this can VB?

    If you can email me at with the ='s thanks!
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    There are scripts on Invisionize.Com you can use (under "Website Integration") or mak a copy of the script you are using now, example if ssi.php make a copy and call it ssi2.php and edit it with the new details and call that script from the other site.
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