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    Has anyone used I signed up for their plan about 5 weeks ago and my site is still not indexed in google. I did the normal seo work including inbound links that are being crawled by google spider.

    I use other hosts and in most cases, my pages are picked up in a week by google, so after 5 weeks, I started to wonder about

    I did a search but found nothing reported bad about I was hoping to find a site that has a list of hosts that have been blacklisted but couldn't find such a site.

    Any input or thoughts would be appreiciated.


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    I wouldn't start to point fingers at hostinginsiders as of yet.

    Obviously some of us do get listed into google quicker then others (My new sites are usually added to google within 24 hours, which I never thought was possible.).

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    I agree some sites get picked up faster than others. I had to name hostinginsiders just to see if anyone else has used them and to establish common ground... I'm just trying to get a little input.

    Has anyone gone 5 weeks without being indexed in google epeciallly when you have inbound pr5 and 6 links. Just curious. My experince (not an expert but been doing this 3 years and have done hundreds of sites) has been that google will pickup a site that has inbound links of pr4 or higher. All inbound sites have been crawled by google so I was surprised that google didn't pick up the new site on

    So i was wondering about others experience and if ever they had a site on a host that took this long to be indexed. Also since hostinginsiders is new, if anyone else has experienced their service.


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