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    Interested in Content Management System designer

    From research I may also need some sort of Community Content Management as well as part of what I need is for myself and my staff and the other relates to content provided site visitors... but perhaps my understanding of a CCM system is not entirely correct. Right now I am simply trying to get a feel of what is out there and what the prices will be but I do hope to hire someone here within the week. I haven't had to pay for a CMS before so I have no clue as to what I need to pay. I have been looking at various programs. PHP Nuke doesn't seem to offer what I need at all I have written it off completely. I've looked at other ones. Mambo, for example, looks like it might work but with all of the various things I need I am wondering if it would simply be easier for someone to start from scratch and build a custom system instead of looking for various scripts and extensions to accompany a generic system.

    A little bit about what the site needs. It is a media site that covers numerous items, many, many thousand. Each product has its own page. Each product will need two ratings... a "finalized" one by the staff (one that won't change) and an "active" one by users which will change with each new rating (see: the IMDb user rating). The combined user ratings will form an average score... see again the IMDb score. I want these scores to relate to all scores in the system of any given item (an example would be The Terminator. It might receive an 8.3. If there's 100 movies and it is the highest rated, it would be ranked #1 all other scores would fall into place below it and if a movie scored higher than it, that movie would shift to overall #1 and Terminator would slide down to the new position) Image galleries for each item is needed.

    Users will have their own page. Able to add their collections and upcoming purchases as well as a mini-blog type function. The IMDb page, while not visually identical, gives a good idea into a lot of the more complex features I need. I'd say that's at least 50% of it right there. Apart from that most of the other sections are simply news and editorial related and should be fairly simple. I can go into more detail later on. Everything else is done and set up and ready for the CMS stage.

    I am looking for someone who can do this quickly and someone who really knows what they are doing. I would like most basic aspects to be up and running within a week of starting. Someone who can concentrate on this solely or at least work on it a lot is preferred.

    Note: I no longer pay upfront for services due to being ripped off in other aspects of the design, this rule is almost 100% non-negotionable... (blame your fellow web-collegues for that). You would have to have a pretty flawless operation for me to consider otherwise. I am sympathetic to your side of things and am willing to pay in installments. This lowers the risk of being burned for both parties. The project can be split into 10 parts (example) and I will pay for each upon completion.

    Any offers and advice are welcomed. Obviously it is hard to give estimates at this point but feel free to give a rough figure based off what you know it needs.

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    If there's any questions or confusion over certain aspects of this job, feel free to ask.


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