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    LF: Web Designer or company

    Hello everyone.

    I am looking for a website designer (one guy or a company) in Canda preferbly Toronto or surrounding area to design and build a website for me that will also include an online store. The backbone of the site should allow my clients to view my products available for sale, then put the items they want in a cart, and then proceed to checkout. The site wont be that big to start but will grow as i add more products to it.

    if anyone either a) is a designer or works for a web design company or b) your a freelance designer or just do it in your spare time and think you can handle this pm me or just reply and we can talk further


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    I am a Web Designer/Developer in the Mississauga area. My pm's on this site do not seem to work. You can e-mail me: intercepted (at)

    Drop me some more details on your project and we will chat. Thanks


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    We can help you with the creation, hosting and maintenance of your website. We are located in Windsor and can provide everything outlined in your post.

    We can be contacted via e-mail at: support @ hostwindsor . com
    Our website can be found at:
    MyProxy.CA - Web Based Proxy!

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    Hello aequitas, I am a professional webdesigner/ coder with over 7 years of experience. I am about 2 hours from Toronto. You will receive my personal number, for 24/7 phone support.

    I cannot PM you because you do not have enough posts.. Do you have an email or instant message handle that I could reach you at?

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    just a few more additions.
    I have recieved plenty of replies to my request which is great, and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to reply to my post.

    Just a few things i would like to add:

    I would really like to work with a company/individual within canada, if your in ontario/GTA even better.

    secondly, in regards to portfolio and experience, im looking to see work that you have done that incorporates an online store with a checkout function.


    I didnt realize u needed a certain amount of posts to get pms
    So if u would like to contact me directly

    [email protected] is my MSN and e-mail

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