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    What is going on with 2checkout?!

    I have a help ticket open for 10 response. I have no way to tell whether they charged my client or not because their reports don't work and the charge was processed during the time when they were sending out billing failure emails that were false.

    Then last night I get, for the third time, a threatening email telling me to remove Mastercard/Visa logos from my site. Both prior times I was notified I discussed this with their staff and was told they are ok to use because we have a merchant account and no longer do new sales with 2checkout. The only business we have with 2checkout is some recurring subscriptions for clients acquired from another company.

    So, I call their customer service this morning and wait on hold for 20 minutes with "one other caller ahead of you". Then, without speaking to anyone or pressing any keys on the phone, I'm suddenly transferred back to their main menu and put at the end of the queue with "13 other callers ahead of you"!

    Anyway, I don't really need an answer or advice here. I'm just posting to vent and so that anyone considering using 2checkout will be aware of thier current problems.


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    Looks like they have fone sleep. I have same problem I have posted ticket at thier ticket system and waiting since 2 weeks. No Reply from them.

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    You not the first one We did send them several tickets back to 2003 and trying to reach them by phone (and never get any responce).

    So, we though situation is getting better with 2CO, but it's looks like the same problems. Switch to Worldpay - we did and for last 2 years don't have any issues.

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