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    Coder Needing Work

    Hello there, I'm a college student currently studying for my A levels. I have 3 years experience in running sites ( coding in XHTML/CSS ) with 1 years experience with PHP/MySQL and am capable of coding the majority of common scripts.

    Am looking for work to ease the living struggle and to gain experience working in the coding field, I am skilled but have little commercial experience but am a quick learner and always willing to move into new areas.

    If you are needing a coder, who charges little and could get work done very quick and allows fast communication through msn/email please get in touch by pm.

    Thank you.
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    You need 5 posts or more for PMs to work. Post your email.

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    Am once again up for work if anyone is needing a php/mysql/xhtml/css coder.

    Have since completed a job for a client reached through this forum and having exams and such going things have been busy, I've finally returned. =D

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