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    Email Server and Web Server in two different locations?

    I am a web developer who has developed a set of content management tools. The way i have things set up now the web site has to be hosted on my server in order to use the content management tools.

    I have a client that hosts their email and web site on site. Is there a way that they can still host their own email on site and have the web site hosted on my system? What would they need to do to point web site users to my server and still have emails handled by their email server?

    Is there a better way?

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    Edit the DNS to their domian name. The A record should be pointing to your server and the MX record should be pointing to theirs.

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    Great. Thanks.

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    Your description sounds a little vague, so I don't know if this will help. Why would it be necessary for you to host their site. Couldn't you serve up pages that could simply be 'included' by them in their site on their own server? If you are talking about managing data for a company, it isn't likely that anyone would entrust an outside source unless you are Oracle, IBM or someone like that. Even then....

    It might help if you gave us a clue as to the application's nature.

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