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    Best server for hosting forum


    I'm currently hosting my IPB forum at powervps. They're truly a great vps provider with top-notch support, but now I think I should move on dedicated for better performance.

    What I need (minimum requirements):

    A server with P4 2.8 Ghz processor or equivalent
    1 Gb RAM
    15 Gb HDD
    400 Gb bandwidth monthly
    Windows OS
    No Cpanel needed
    Managed or unmanaged

    Budget: max $130 monthly (total fee)

    You may ask me why I didn't make a search before asking. Yes I did but it's hard to find a provider that offers a such server. I did contact some top-rated dedicated providers but received no positive response (the normal response is "the slotted bandwidth in each server can't be changed" ).

    Some information about my forum:

    18000 members
    at least 60-80 online users at any moment
    150-180 online users at peak hours
    300 new registered users per day
    no extra services (downloading, streaming,...)

    Thanks a lot for any suggestion.

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    I know that can do that for half the price.

    Have a look here:
    I would go with the "Intel P4 2.8Ghz 533 FSB Blowout" because you get an extra 80gb harddrive for free!
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    Providers often custom tailor servers according to their prospect's needs. You may want to contact them directly for a quote.
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