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    Need a host with mysql4.1

    I thought I had found the perfect host for me, 5 domains, large space, good bandwidth and customer forums. However, after getting my site set up, I imported my database from my old host only to find out it wouldn't import.

    I fixed that, by setting the compatibility to mysql4.0 (old host was 4.1) and imported. Everything worked great except that all my Korean text came out broken. It's a UTF-8 issue which isn't supported in mysql4.0

    I posted a test entry in my blog in Korean and that text came out fine. However importing doesn't work. I thought about cutting and pasting, but with 140 entries and 600+comments that is a daunting task. I tried changing some of the usernames via phpmyadmin, however they remained broken, so even if I wanted to cut & paste - a lot of my users would have broken names and profiles.

    Could someone recommend a shared hosting environment where I can get 2gb of storage, 40gb+ of bandwidth, & at least 5 domains with email that runs mysql4.1? $10 or less per month.

    Thank you

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    Can anyone help me out. I recieved one message, but the link provided didn't include multiple domains.

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    Who sent you that link & what was the site?
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    One option you have is that you can browse the offers thread, and contact each company and find out if they run MySQL 4.1
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    Check through various directories like or webhostdir

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