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    Blue screen on W2003 with ThePlanet

    I have server with ThePlanet for about 2 weeks. I experiences several error messages a day when I'm connecting via Terminal services. It shows me dialog with system failure message where I can write some comment (this is a standard message box you can see if you want to shut down the server or just restart it)
    I wonder what's going on.
    The biggest problem is that it makes server unaccessible for several minutes and damages MySQL tables. There is almost nothing special installed. Only Apache, MySQL, PHP , Remotely Anywhere and BlackICE. Sometimes I got message that there is some problem with video driver resolution.
    Did anybody experienced same issue ?

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    Why would you need Remotely Anywhere when you can use Remote Desktop Connection which is default in Windows 2003 ?

    It could be anyone of the non-standard application which could be causing the problems. Use the Event Viewer to see what error messages and which program is causing it.

    I am using Windows 2003 with IIS and do not face any issues.

    Is there any reasons for getting a Windows server and not using IIS ? It appears that you are basically using the Windows platform but installing everything for Linux.

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    This server probably has bad RAM, the dialog box you're seeing is the result of the failure, and contains a STOP code.

    You need to make a ticket with the Planet directly.
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    Why we use Remotely anywhere: We wanted to have also some console application installed there. btw: We disabled all services it runs to test if this caused problems or not.
    Why we use apache: We use it because of rewrite module.
    Why we do not use Linux: because we are not experiences with it and have no free time to learn
    We looked into Event viewer but there is nothing for this issue: no application specified just same hexa codes you can see in message dialog.

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    Yeah, this definitely sound like a bad piece of hardware. Ram, motherboard, raid card or similar.. Anything that can cause data corruption.

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    no application specified just same hexa codes
    That hexadecimal value no doubt is either a memory address (more then likely) or a hard drive virtual memory block. So in either case you have yourself a faulty piece of hardware. That or your motherboard is bad in the server (i.e. memory controller generating random faults). I would definitely be putting in a ticket the TP and get them to do some stress testing to find the weak link in that server.

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    RDP vs Remotely Anywhere

    mstsc /console

    That will get you to the console on W2003.....FYI

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