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    vbulletin owned license for sale.

    I have 1 owned vbulletin license for sale.

    The expirer on the members area is 14th July.

    The highest bid wins and I will leave the bidding open for 1 week from the post of this thread.

    I will not sell this for less then $100 though and payment will be need to be via paypal.

    Happy bidding.

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    I will give you 110 $ firm if you give it to be today.

    Once its verified i will pay you.

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    done unless anyone beats $110 before an admin verifys this license

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    I'm right behind you.
    $111. will pay today if verified
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    113 $ once verified.

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    I'm right behind you.
    114 once verified
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    115 once verified

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    Can we be mature at least go up by two?
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    any bid increase is fine by me were just waiting on vbulletin to confirm the license to wht then the highest bid gets it.

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    That info is correct and this license is eligible for transfer.
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    as i said in my second post this is now over and wizviv has it for $115

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    I just paid him
    Waiting for the domain

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