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    Deenine - Hostplus

    After months of so-so service (I had an Advanced hosting plan) my site is down, I have no e mail and their customer service number is for a different company all togeher...... is anyone else having problems? I have almost a GIG of interlectual property on the server that belongs to both myself and clients and I am a little concerned

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    I too have a number of sites with Hostplus, I have found where they have sent some of the data.

    It's not good news on my site, it appears no data (400/500MB) has made it yet.

    I have had no responses to the emails I sent for the last 48+ hours.


    P.S PM me if you want to talk about this offline.

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    Craig, you might want to take a look at this thread:

    Yes.... sites are down and support is not forthcoming. It therefore looks bleak.

    Tracking down the owner, as some people have done, seems to be a good move. You might want to look at his 'new' site.
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    The plot thickens and it appears that my site is now hosted in the US by, in Wisconsin.....

    But its not live yet.

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