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    Blue vBulletin Skin for Sale!

    Hi folks,

    I recently built * from scratch * this vBulletin skin @

    I am now selling it to try and earn a little extra for my forums to help with advertising and stuff.

    The side menu IS part of the skin, and works * mostly * off the language system, for the New Posts count, 4 lines of code need to be added to your index.php file.

    Most images come with PSD source, The FORUM status icon's come with PSD source * so you can remove the SGA or replace it *

    Changed templates have additions marked and seperations bewteen blocks * for side menu * also marked.

    For the side menu, an additional block, placed above the search block is the user CP block with user's details, e.g. new PM's, last visit date, new Posts, etc. Since I dont want people signing up JUST to see that, I have made a poor-quality screenshot and uploaded it, through that shot it is clear to see the added block, only visible to logged in users.

    This skin is NOT unique, while I have made it, once I sell it I will not be removing it from my forums. Your skin will be the second copy in existance, I will not redistribute it, you may if you want.

    This skin is tested on vBulletin 3.0.7 and on a Linux server * not that the server os should make any difference *

    I am selling this skin for $119.95 USD via PayPal or 2Checkout * most major credit cards accepted *. It is highly changed, as you can see, the side menu, the small modifycations.

    The background image comes with PSD source and can easily be altered to have any image you want.

    If you want it, E-Mail me, [email protected]

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    nice design good luck on your sale

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