I have a 8 month old Paid Survey guide site for sale. The URL is www.webextender.com. The product is: A UNIQUE comprehensive list of 258 paid survey sites. The first 25 are ranked in order of success (based on experience, trial and error). Links to various other e-books, services and other tools are also provided. The whole package is based on valuable experience, and the site has received some good voluntary testimonials regarding the product. You will get full rights to the product, and the website, which has a lot of content, and has been optimized over time for sales. Of course, the catchy domain is included too. I will throw in free hosting for 3 months, for your convenience.

The website has never been promoted to the mainstream, and is based completely on targeted promotion. The major part is AdWords, which works very well, turning in great ROIs. I suspect word-of-mouth may also be working for this site. The site receives very little hits, and is only designed to make money.

The previous promoter used to distributed flyers to universities and shopping malls. That was a very successful method, making $400-$600 per month. However, I do not have any universities near here, so I am unable to perform that.

For statistics. From January to mid-March, the site has earned $1170 through 23 sales (after promotion costs). However, please note that flyers were heavily used throughout most of this period. That's less than one sale per 3 days, but $1170 is definately good revenue.

Money spent on AdWords for 17th March to 15th April was $85. This generated 8 sales, giving a total revenue of $270. Thus, net profit is $185. To be honest, I think the previous owner did a much better job, and I simply haven't been able to replicate his success. However, I am sure that with more promotion, this website can do much better. The site is there, product is there; even some of the techniques are there! It just needs some focussed promotion. The pricing for this product is very flexible. I have lowered it to $35, but I believe the previous prices were much more profitable. This is totally up to you.

Recently, my AdWords account has been disabled, and basically, I have no means to promote the site. The website has generated just 1 (word-of-mouth) sale due to this reason, in the last few weeks.

It is recommended that you be able to accept money orders and checks. A lot of the customers prefer these methods to Credit Cards or PayPal.

I know everyone views this whole concept about paid surveys very skeptically. Granted, it doesn't work from everybody. But with some guidance from sites like WebExtender.com, there's a reasonable chance of success! As for the site itself, I can show you screenshots of the PayPal payments, but honestly, there is not much more proof I can offer. You will have to trust me in this case. I have sold a few sites here before, and I can assure you this site is profit-worthy.

If you have any doubts, please let me know. I am not looking for anything specific, but do keep in mind this website has earned $500 before, and easily has potential to repeat its history. It just needs some promotion. Current highest bid is $150 at other forums. Of course, that's nowhere near what I am looking for. However, if you have an AdWords account, it will still make you good money. Sorry for the long-winded, disorganised post!