heh, I remember 5 years ago when I started doing websites. I'm still bad as I was back then - only different thing I do now is CSS instead of tables.

the layout I have right now is @ http://www.programgeeks.net

Personally -- I don't care about validation at this juncture, what I really am worried about is userability and what I can do to "spice it up".

ONE good thing I have about the site that I can say is: CSS MESSAGE BOARD! Yahoo! No tables! http://board.programgeeks.net -- YAY! But time to get melancholy again..

The thing is - I don't know if I'm good enough to spice it up myself.. eh -- I can do a top and bottom nav (a bland one), but the body usually ends up looking so -- ugh I can describe what's wrong with my method of designing sites exactly... Can anyone help? :-P